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It is only natural to ask all kinds of questions when looking for a solution to your money problems. You may well find answers to your questions in our FAQs section.

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Does bankruptcy free us from tax debts?

Tax debts are not considered to be secured and can therefore be released through bankruptcy. For a company, directors are nevertheless responsible for deductions at source and for the GST and QST.

How long does the consumer proposal process take?

This varies with the terms of the consumer proposal that you have decided to file. However, the time allowed for payment cannot exceed five years.

I have heard that it is possible to file a joint bankruptcy or consumer proposal. Is this true?

Yes, when the two persons’ debts are shared. They can then file a joint bankruptcy or consumer proposal to avoid doubling the costs.

Will my bankruptcy affect my spouse?

That depends on what joint debts you may have. If you share several loans, creditors will approach your spouse following your bankruptcy. If you have no joint debts, your bankruptcy will not affect your spouse.

Can we keep the furniture in our home if we declare bankruptcy?

In Quebec, your furniture and other goods are exempt from the filing if their value does not exceed $6,000. In Ontario, they are exempt from the filing up to a value of $11,300.

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